Jan Stanovnik

ABBA Nutrition Ltd

The Supplements Business of the Future: Quality Products & Professional Services that Really Work and That Consumers Really Need!

The world market is flooded with all sorts of supplements, manufactured using various methods and innovative techniques, with numerous combinations of ingredients. Market surveys show that not all supplements fulfil consumer expectations, and only a few have high-quality ingredients and powerful formulations supported by good customer service. In addition, some marketing stories are exaggerated, misleading, or lack strong scientific basis, but nonetheless are used in aggressive marketing campaigns. All of this results in many consumers having a feeling of huge disappointment, so they wander from one product to another, largely unaware of these realities, and this is where the entire dietary supplement industry suffers. Do we know what consumers really need and want, and how to create a product that works well for both consumer and manufacturer, how to offer it to the market to gain almost perfect loyalty so that consumers return again and again for the same product, and enthusiastically recommend it to others? In short, the speaker will show, through practical example, how to create a good product, and achieve a high retention rate of which any company would be proud.


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