Wijnand Jongen

President  -  Ecommerce Europe

Retailing in the Midst of a Perfect Storm

Slowly but surely, retail is emerging from a perfect storm of global challenges, with a major impact on local entrepreneurs. The transformation of retailing is in full swing. Digital opportunities and the human touch compete for attention. Customer journeys are changing, becoming greener and more transparent. New customer experiences in stores, online and on socials make the difference. Never before have retailers and brands been faced with such major life-determining strategic questions and decisions.

This keynote is all about reinventing retail. Can we imagine what retailing will bring us in this new roaring twenties? Reimaging Retailing. What will the future bring us and how will we get there? What can we learn from today's best retail practices? Based on 7 inspiring do's and don'ts, 7 practical tools are given for tomorrow. Now it's time for Reimagine Retailing!


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