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Industry Europe

Industry Europe offers targeted content and advertising placements in our printed and online magazines focused on specific issues, which provide high-impact visibility to boost your presence and show off your skillset to Europe’s manufacturing sector.

Our aim is to build a long-term partnership with your organisation and deliver you a real return on investment over a prolonged period of time by helping you to produce some high powered content with a strong advertising campaign around it. This provides strategic value and awareness for your brand through a continuous presence across print, digital, social and direct contact with our audience.

Our readers like to receive Industry Europe content across multiple media platforms, and this multichannel engagement means you can take a fully integrated approach to reaching our audience. Our print content and advertising helps you to increase awareness, enhance your corporate identity, reaffirm your position and brand as well as build your credibility and market share. Meanwhile our digital content and advertising options enable you to promote specific products, as well as immediately boosting leads, enquiries and traffic to your website. Industry Europe’s most successful customers are those who engage with us on all fronts.