Meet our Keynote Speaker: Loek Berendsen, Global Platform Strategy Leader - Ikea

Today, we are releasing another one of our keynote speakers for you that we just cannot wait for you to learn from! The Global Platform Strategy Leader from the world famous Ikea, Loek Berendsen is coming to our expo to educate you all about the: ‘Post Omnichannel - It's already at your doorstep.’

Nearly 70% of all Ikea stores are located in Europe that pride themselves on high quality products, low prices and sustainability, making them one of the most successful brands in the world! It is no surprise that in 2020 Ikea was ranked as the seventh most valuable retailer brand on a global scale, having a strong presence in both physical and online stores. Ikea saw a 60% surge in online sales between August 2019 and August 2020 but their physical stores still remain prominent worldwide! The brand’s biggest markets are Germany and the United States with Germany making up 15% of sales worldwide.


What you will learn from the seminar:

Omnichannel is evolving. An exploration of future opportunities for retailers and brands. What is changing in retail, both online and offline, and what will or should never change.


About the speaker:

Loek is a Global Omnichannel and Platform Strategist, also known as Mr. Omnichannel, with 10+ years’ entrepreneurial FMCG experience building and nurturing C level relationships, driving partnerships and evaluate performance of retail & eCommerce & Customer Experience programs globally including but not limited to Logistics, Change Management, Business Operations and Retail. Always striving for excellence together with the teams. Omnichannel, Unified Commerce and Customer Experience are his passions; he improved customer journeys in million-dollar companies with new processes, software and customer journeys. Simplified, Transformed and Implemented Customer Experience and Employee Experience programs in 40+ Retail, eCommerce and User Experience initiatives, investments, and programs.

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