The Growth of Collection Points in Germany

Many countries around the world, including Germany, have seen a growing acceptance towards unconventional last-mile delivery methods such as parcel lockers and collection points in recent years. It is estimated that Deutsche Post alone operates around 8,500 automated parcel machines today, with plans to increase this number to 12,500 by 2023. With this in mind, our media partner, Parcel Monitor, examined the growth of collection points in Germany in a recent article that they published.


The report covers valuable insights on:

  • The State of Collection Points in Germany

  • Collection Points Usage in Germany, France & the United Kingdom

  • Dwell Time Analysis of Parcels in Germany's Collection Points

  • Preferred Parcel Collection Time Among German Consumers

  • Transit Time of collection points in comparison to that of home deliveries


For the full analysis, check out the full article here!

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